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The second informative event for the Project was successfully realised in the city of Agrinio

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A second informative event was successfully realised for the Project of Common Interest “Hydro-pumped storage system in Amfilochia” (P.C.I 3.24), on Thursday 18th of February 2016, at Aitoloakarnania ’s Chamber, based in the city of Agrinio.

The purpose of the event was to present to the public the Amfilochia Hydro-pumped storage Project, as well as the basic elements of the individual studies and the technical design of the Project currently under development. Representatives from the company, coupled by specialised scientific personnel, demonstrated the importance of hydro-pumped projects in the national economy and the country’s energy supplies, and described in detail the expected benefits of the particular project in local and national level, as well as its technical characteristics and environmental aspects. Additionally, the facilitation and coordination of the permit granting process for projects of common interest was put into perspective, by the Directorate of Permit Granting for Strategic Investments’ representative from the Ministry for Economy, Development and Tourism, Mrs. Athena Tsoka.

The event was welcomed by Agrinio’s Mayor, Mr. Georgios Papanastasiou, the Deputy Head of Energy and Environment for Western Greece Mr. Nikos Yfandis, the Deputy Head of Aitoloakarnania’s Unit Mrs. Christina Staraka, the President of Aitoloakarnania’s Technical Chamber Mr. Kostantinos Rokos, and of course the President of Aitoloakarnania’s Chamber Mr. Panayiotis Tsichritzis.

The next informative event for the Project is expected to take place in Athens.