Our commitment to the ENVIRONMENT

It is a firm belief of the Company’s Management that the protection of the environment is everybody’s responsibility, and thus is committed to applying all available means, processes and procedures that help minimize the project’s environmental impact and optimize all positive environmental aspects.

TERNA ENERGY commits to reducing the impact of its operations on the environment, by adopting the appropriate procedures based on international best practices.

The company commits to:

  • Meeting all applicable legislative and regulatory requirements in order to assure environment protection.
  • Identifying and evaluating all environmental aspects of the facility's construction and operation.
  • Protecting the cultural heritage and the flora – fauna of the ecosystem by adopting eco-friendly methods and technologies.
  • Providing appropriate training to itsemployees to increase environmental awareness.


  • Conserving natural resources by recycling and reusing materials.
  • Minimizing risk and protecting itsemployees and the community in which itoperates by employing safe technologies and operating procedures in both routine and emergency conditions.
  • Communicating itscommitment and reinforcing the importance of environmental protection to our employees, vendors, customers and the community in which itoperates.
  • Working together with local stake holders to ensure environmental protection.

Our commitment to the LOCAL COMMUNITY

TERNA ENERGY’s approach to the relationship with local community is based on transparency and the will to set up long-term partnerships that go alongside the project during its entire life cycle, from the development to the operation.

The continuous interaction with local stakeholders gives the opportunity to the Company to respond promptly to local needs, as well as preventing possible conflicts. A primary aim of the Company is the contribution of the project’s implementation to social and economic development of the local community.

The Company will try to develop initiatives modeled on local needs and potential. Moreover, cooperation with non-governmental organizations, companies, workers and managers that live in the specific area is considered essential to enhance closeness with the communities.

Our commitment to the FUTURE

Climate change and energy efficiency are two of the most important challenges the world faces today. Our responsibility is to work hard and contribute so that future generations inherit better environmental conditions. With the creation of this state of the art pumped storage complex in central Greece, TERNA ENERGY dynamically contributes to sustainability, serving the EU 20% reduction target for greenhouse emissions by 2020.

The project is of great importance at National and European level and is expected to enhance the market competitiveness, thus providing consumers with alternative energy sources, while opening the market for all producers focusing on renewable energy.

The PCI 3.24 is expected to boost local and regional development by setting the region in the core of the European energy map directly by its contractors and indirectly through various ‘spill-over’ effects. Economic development will be stimulated by the introduction of new energy supplies and more competitive energy markets.