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Informative meetings about the project held at the Communities Alevrada and Petrona in the Municipality of Amfilochia

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On the 19th of April 2016 meetings were held with residents of the (immediate) area where the project is going to be based, during which the key elements of the individual studies and technical design in progress were presented. The aim of the meetings, which took place in Alevrada and Petrona villages, were mostly for the representatives of the company and the design team of the project to establish direct contact with the people who will be directly affected by the project, in order to discuss the issues effecting them. The objective of these meetings has been fully realised, taking into account the number and importance of the issues discussed as well as the usefulness of interventions from the company’s side and the design team.

A few photographs from the meetings can be found below:





Public Consultation for the project is in progress

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The Public Consultation for the development phase of the hydro-pumped storage project in Amfilochia, will run until the 28th of April 2016, ahead of the Environmental Impact Assessment’s submission. This process is foreseen for Projects of Common Interest, according to Regulation (EU) No. 347/2013. After that date, comments and complaints concerning the project’s realisation, for this consultation phase, will cease to be accepted. Gathering of general feedback and observations however, will continue from the project’s website (, through a special feedback form, over the next phases of the project.

The second informative event for the Project was successfully realised in the city of Agrinio

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A second informative event was successfully realised for the Project of Common Interest “Hydro-pumped storage system in Amfilochia” (P.C.I 3.24), on Thursday 18th of February 2016, at Aitoloakarnania ’s Chamber, based in the city of Agrinio.

The purpose of the event was to present to the public the Amfilochia Hydro-pumped storage Project, as well as the basic elements of the individual studies and the technical design of the Project currently under development. Representatives from the company, coupled by specialised scientific personnel, demonstrated the importance of hydro-pumped projects in the national economy and the country’s energy supplies, and described in detail the expected benefits of the particular project in local and national level, as well as its technical characteristics and environmental aspects. Additionally, the facilitation and coordination of the permit granting process for projects of common interest was put into perspective, by the Directorate of Permit Granting for Strategic Investments’ representative from the Ministry for Economy, Development and Tourism, Mrs. Athena Tsoka.

The event was welcomed by Agrinio’s Mayor, Mr. Georgios Papanastasiou, the Deputy Head of Energy and Environment for Western Greece Mr. Nikos Yfandis, the Deputy Head of Aitoloakarnania’s Unit Mrs. Christina Staraka, the President of Aitoloakarnania’s Technical Chamber Mr. Kostantinos Rokos, and of course the President of Aitoloakarnania’s Chamber Mr. Panayiotis Tsichritzis.

The next informative event for the Project is expected to take place in Athens.

TERNA ENERGY’s Second informative event about the hydro-pumped storage project in Amfilochia (Alevrada, Valtos)

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TERNA ENERGY, under the auspices of Aitoloakarnania’s Chamber, organizes on Thursday, 18th of February 2016 at 18:00hrs, in the Chamber’s Conference Hall (corner of 53 Papastratou & Smirnis Streets, Agrinio) informative event about the “Hydropumped Storage in Amfilochia” Project. The event will be open to the public and aims at presenting the project and its expected benefits.

The open character of the event seeks to inform the public and instill its active participation in the design process and licensing of the project. A former informative event for the project has already been successfully realised in the Municipality of Amfilochia, whilst a similar one is expected to follow in Athens.

Invitation         Event Programme

Pumped storage capacity is constantly growing

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As shown in International Hydropower Association’s (IHA) “2015 Key Trends in Hydropower” report, 1.46GW of new pumped storage was put into operation in 2014 alone, increasing by around 10% the world’s total pumped storage capacity.

In Europe only, the technology continues to be a focus of activity with new facilities totaling 8,600 MW in the planning and construction stages, reflecting a greater need for balancing and ancillary services to support large influxes of variable wind and solar power using reliable, local and clean resources.

The project retains the characterization of a PCI, according to the delegated Commission’s regulation establishing the second Union list for Projects of Common Interest

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The European Commission adopted on the 18th of November 2015 the delegated regulation establishing the second PCI list, which will be now subject to the European Parliament’s and the Council’s right of scrutiny, under a process which should last in principle two months. The list of projects is an update of the PCI list adopted in October 2013 and includes 195 projects (108 electricity, 77 gas, 7 oil and 3 smart grids projects).

PCI 3.24 ‘Hydro-pumped storage in Greece — Amfilochia’ is featuring as one of the 195 key energy infrastructure projects included in the aforementioned delegated regulation. The basic role of the listed projects (to be updated every two years with the aim to integrate newly needed projects and remove obsolete ones) is to help deliver Europe’s energy and climate objectives and form key building blocks of the EU’s Energy Union. As a result, a budget of €5.35 billion has been allocated to trans-European energy infrastructure under the CEF from 2014-20, assisting projects of common interest to get implemented faster, in order to make them more attractive to investors.

Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy Arias Cañete said: “Modern and reliable energy infrastructure is essential to allow energy to flow freely across Europe. These projects will help us integrate our energy markets, diversify energy sources and routes, and end the energy isolation of some Member States. They will also boost the level of renewables on the grid, slashing carbon emissions. Europe’s energy transformation will require investments worth billions in strategic infrastructure. This list of projects will help ensure that our funds serve our goal of securing clean and affordable energy for Europeans.”

Please find below the link to the relevant documents as well as the press material:

TERNA ENERGY’s local informative event about the hydro-pumped storage project in Amfilochia (Alevrada, Valtos)

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TERNA’s informative event about the hydro-pumped storage project in Amfilochia was successfully completed on Thursday, October the 1st, 2015 at Amfilochia’s City Hall.

The event intended to both inform local administration and representatives from the local authorities about the project and the benefits that will result from its implementation, as well as to enable interventions and questions from the public.

The event was attended by Amfilochias’ Mayor Mr. Ap. Koimisis, city and prefectural counselors, representatives of law enforcement bodies, the clergy, the municipality services and other institutions along with citizens of the region wishing to learn about the design of the Project, which is expected to be implemented near the village of Alevrada in the Municipality of Amfilochia.

The project was presented by Mrs. P. Tsiknakou, Hydroelectric Projects Director from TERNA ENERGY and Mr. N. Kriezis, executive from PLANET S.A., which is the Project Management and Coordination Consultant. During the presentation, the project purpose and its Design philosophy (together with the specifications and timetable) were analyzed, whilst the strategic nature of the project was noted, including the investment’s benefits for the local community, the environment and the National/European energy market.

Following a short presentation of the project, the participants raised questions and discussed with the Company’s representatives regarding specific details of the project. The positive climate in which the discussion was held reflects the acceptance -in principle- of the project, by the local community and the area’s stakeholders.

This event belongs to a series of informative events planned by TERNA ENERGY, aiming at raising the public’s awareness about the project.


The next cross-regional group meeting to be held on 25-26 June 2015 in Brussels

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Following the Regional Group meetings which took place in April in Brussels, the next Regional Group meeting will take place on Thursday 25th of June and Friday 26th of June in Brussels. The agenda will involve a cross-regional and public part, where the public consultation and ranking methodology will be discussed, followed by a discussion on the implications for each corridor. The aim is to arrive at a preliminary ranking of projects per corridor, prior to the official list established later on this year.